Greenhorizons® 16-16-16 Premium Lawn Fertilizer

An important part of a great lawn all season long.

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Note: 25KG BAG


(Triple Sixteen) is a well balanced fertilizer with a lot of root and plant cell strength builder which helps to protect your lawn against heat, stress and traffic. 1st number is nitrogen; greens and promotes top growth
2nd number is phosphorous; keeps roots strong
3rd number is potash; builds cell strength to fight drought and traffic 16-16-16 is not a slow release fertilizer; it must be watered into the ground. Quick Guide: 16-16-16 Fertilizer
The amount and type of fertilizer for any lawn depends on the fertility of the natural soil, the degree of growth you want, available irrigation or natural rainfall and the type of grass that you are growing. Having said that, buying the right fertilizer can be a very confusing, scientific process. That’s why we suggest GHG 16-16-16. Based on our climate and growing conditions, this provides an excellent well-balanced feeding for your lawn for any season.

The “Meat and Potatoes” for your lawn. This non slow release fertilizer is the most important ingredient to having a healthy looking lawn all season long. Apply it 3–4 times a year just before a rain in the beginning of every season.

Summer application needs to be done before it turns dry! Mid-to-late June.

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