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Note: ROLL = 10 SQ.FT SKID = 70 ROLLS (700 SQ.FT)


GHG Premium Bluegrass contains the most Elite Kentucky Bluegrass varieties available today! Kentucky Bluegrass has the greatest genetic diversity of the cool season turf grass species. In fact, Greenhorizons goes to great lengths to ensure that the turfgrass we produce is at the top of its class. DARKER: Naturally darker turf that requires less fertilizer. DENSER: Thicker to out-compete weeds and require less chemicals. DWARFER: Less vertical growth and canopy height equals less mowing.

Quality Harvest
Ultimate sod-roll quality (no scalps, no cones, no parallelograms) with the ability to roll-out any field imperfections immediately ahead of two individual floating cutting heads, will produce a perfect roll of GHG Premium Bluegrass, every time.

We can be sure of this because our harvester cutter head is mounted in the center of the machine. This eliminates the machine from tracking off course as do typical side mounted harvesters. What’s more, automatic steering makes sure every roll is 24″ wide each time.

Other factors that contribute to a quality roll is that the cutter head is pulled by our machine and not pushed. Down pressure on the cutting head itself and by an additional roller in front of the cutting head helps create this feeding action. And here’s some welcomed news: this uniform cutting action is so precise it also decreases the weight of a roll, even though it has more area than our previous rolls. Two Foot Advantage
The new two foot wide roll has distinct installation advantages. Greenhorizons Sod rolls are now 10 square feet, significantly decreasing laying time. Hey, some people think a bigger roll is extra weight but not with our new harvesting technology. Decrease laying time
When you lay a roll out you can reach both ends on a 60″ roll, to tuck the piece of sod in place but with the 81″ roll you had to step over to tuck each end in. The result is far less fatigue on the installer.

Get into the groove thanks to consistent machine stacking. The flaps of the sod are always in the same position allowing easy access off of the pallet. You can grab any roll and go.

Greenhorizons Sod has 25% less seams for quicker establishment!!

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