Arriving on the market more than 15 years ago, the Strada® Antico® paving stone remains one of the most desired tumbled pavers today. Like a fine wine, this paver only gets better with time. Recapture the past with it’s aged appearance and soft weathered edges.

– For pedestrian and/or vehicular use
– Multiple size paver with tumbled surface and edge treatment
– Provides old world rustic charm
– Each size is sold and packaged seperately

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Sections or bundles

Common Uses:

Driveways, Patios, Walkways, Pool Decks

Unit Informaiton


72 sq.ft/bundle, 24 sq.ft/section, 61.68/82.68 lineal feet/bundle, 20.56/27.56 lineal feet/section

2227 lbs/bundle


80 sq.ft/bundle, 16 sq.ft/section, 115/136.5 lineal feet/bundle, 23/27.3 lineal feet/section

2474 lbs/bundle


84 sq.ft/bundle, 12 sq.ft/section, 147/160.5 lineal feet/bundle, 21/22.93 lineal feet/section

2598 lbs/bundle


78 sq.ft/bundle, 13 sq.ft/section, 129.75/220.16 lineal feet/bundle, 21.63/36.69 lineal feet/section

2413 lbs/bundle


Reach into the past and create the terrace to your modern palace with the traditionally-styled Strada Antico tumbled interlocking paving stone. Intricate random designs and naturally rustic patterns blend seamlessly into the surrounding beauty of your landscape with an authentic look that has been aged to perfection.

All four sizes (Jumbo, Large, Medium and Small) are sold and packaged separately.

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Beige Mix, Grey Mix