Rockton is a unigue stone with linear proportions that reflect our very best hand-cut natural wall stones. Rockton freestanding, retaining, or garden walls provide a big, bold backdrop for your backyard. The large dimensions, subtle character, and clean lines of snapped limestone allow your time with family and friends to take center stage.

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Bundles & 6-pack & Units (Corners)

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Retaining Walls

Unit Informaiton

Rockton Wall

21 sq.ft/bundle, 42 lineal feet/bundle

2500 lbs/bundle

Rockton Corner

31.5 sq.ft/bundle, 63 lineal feet/bundle

2500 lbs/bundle

Note: * NOTE - Rockton Wall units sold and packaged in 4 different block sizes.


With its freshly quarried face and stone texture, Rockton will perform perfectly as a retaining or freestanding wall.

Unique large scale
Modern, linear proportions
Interlocking retaining walls and double-sided freestanding walls possible
Freshly quarried stone texture compliments a variety of applications

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Weight 58820675 kg

Manitou Range, Fond Du Lac