Whether you aspire for an English country garden or a super, suburban landscape, Belvedere has you covered. Bonus: your neighbors will have to do a double take to see that it’s concrete, not actually cut fieldstone.

A Belvedere garden wall provides the rich textures of heavily stratified quarried stone and a weathered edge for a rustic silhouette. There’s no more waiting around for it to look like it’s been there forever – that’s included at install!

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Common Uses:

Retaining Walls, Garden Walls, Accent Walls

Unit Informaiton

Block - 6 Pack

27 sq.face.ft/bundle, 72 lineal feet/bundle

2475 lbs/bundle

Corner - Double Pack

24 sq.face.ft/bundle, 38.7 lineal feet/bundle

1550 lbs/bundle

Coping - 3 pack

66 lineal feet/bundle

1520 lbs/bundle

Note: * NOTE - Half of the Triple Coping units have one finished edge.


A smaller version of the Rosetta by Brown’s Outcropping, the Belvedere Wall system is designed to mirror the hand-laid garden walls of old. From farm lanes to fieldstone foundations, Belvedere Wall imitates the texture of that old-world craftmanship. This wall system consists of the standard wall, corner units, coping units and pillar caps.

Features of the Belvedere wall units are the beautiful stone texture on both front and back surfaces and the tapered shape, making it the solution for straight or curved garden walls, columns, free-standing walls, water features, retaining walls and more. The possibilities are truly endless.

The corner blocks are finished on three sides, which allows for finished ends on a freestanding wall or 90 degree bends in the wall. The corner blocks, when coupled with the pillar caps, make beautiful pillars to end freestanding walls, accent formal stair openings, or remain as stand alone monuments.

Additional information

Weight 58820675 kg

Windsor Range, Manitou Range, Rideau Range